Adam Ari Kaczorowski

*Reiki master



*Human Design practitioner

*Massage therapist

*Traditional/herbal medicine pracitioner





I like to consider myself as a curious student of human nature, and mysteries of the universe we are living in. I am deeply fascinated with an ET contact phenomena, and connecting with the infinite source of wisdom through channelling. I believe that we all have access to infinite wisdom, the Source, God, or whatever you want to call it, but it is our own, individual responsibiliy to maintain the state of receptivity, so we can hear the subtle guidence.

I have learnt many techniques, and approaches on restoring own balance. I have dealt with many health conditions  through trial, and error, learning to understand my basic needs, and limitations gradually. I know that this journey never ends, but I quite confident that I have enough understanding, and experience to help, and assist others on  their own path.

I am an empathic, and very intuitive caretaker,  with a wide range of diagnostic, and therapeutic tools. I respect the traumas, and limitations, and consider them as gifts, and teachers.

I am no guru. I just care to help, to uplift, but I don't give any guarantees on results, I share my time, and my experience.


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